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Israel a Failed State threat to World Peace

This article appeared in Aljazeera, Milli Gazett & Bismillah News and in the Editorial of Punjab Kesari in India in Hindi in 2 parts with some changes on 9th & 10th June 2oo8 under the name of Ashwani Chopra "Kaisey Hogi Madhya-Purva Asia mei Shanti" in Hindi. My contact Journalist Harish Chopra later told me they came under fire for this article so they can not do any article on Jews or NJ or USA.

Israel a Failed State threat to World Peace

Current Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is not the first Israeli prime minister suspected or being investigated for bribery, influence paddling and criminal activities. 4 other Prime Ministers Shimon Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak and Areil Sharon who preceded him were also accused of corruption, influence paddling and criminal activities. (Hard Core Criminal Benjamin Netanyahu is again the PM of Israel now)

Israel 's economy is under the control of a handful of families who, like medieval robber barons, rob public assets, utilities and national resources, all with the help of corrupt officials, Politicians and ministers like Olmert. Israel is an example of Culture of Moral and Ethical Corruption, under the guise of Democracy. Major criminal investigations and corruption cases against the Elite Club of Wealthy, Bureaucrats & Politicians are frozen by a lack of will by those who are governing Israel for being part of this Elite Club.

Jewish’s Leadership around the world is an exclusive Organized Club with hardly any feelings for any other & their own community. The proof is 34% Israeli children live in poverty and 20% of its population live below poverty line; an individual making less than $400/month and a family of 4 making less than $1,000.00/month. The accumulated wealth of 500 richest people is around $65 billion in contrast to Israel ’s GDP of $130 Billion and National Budget of $65 Billion. Israel is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap. It is an economically, socially and politically failed state who can not solve its socio-economic, political problems including its Land dispute with Palestine since 1967. This Land Israel has colonized for last 40 years; 3.5 million Arab Muslims lives there with no voting Rights. Still Jews around the world call Israel a Democracy!

If one looks back there was no conflict in Palestine for centuries; till 1850 there were aprx. 400,000 Muslims (80%), 75,000 Christians (15%) and 25,000 Jews (5%) who lived in harmony. Then in late 1800s a Zionist group from Europe decided to colonize this Land to create a “Jewish Homeland” after rejecting locations in Africa and South America . At first this immigration created no problem; however when more and more Jews immigrated with the sole stated desire to take land for an exclusive Jewish state fighting with escalating waves of violence erupted between the 2 groups.

Finally in 1947 United Nations (UNO) under the pressure of American Jews intervened and dishonestly arbitrarily decided to give 55% of Palestine to Jewish state despite the fact this group represented only 30% of the total population and owned less than 7% of the Land. A war broke out between Jewish Forces with American & European money consisting 90,000 European trained soldiers with most modern weaponry including fighter & bomber planes and 30,000 ill-equipped, improvised, poorly trained men representing Arab Forces. Entire civilized world watch this one sided no contest war with a known outcome. By the end of 1948 war Jewish state “ Israel ” was created on 78% Palestine conquered Land. This was far more than that proposed generous UN conspiracy. A new map was drawn up in which every city; river and hillock received a New Hebrew name to erase all vestiges of the Palestine culture.

In 1967 Israel launched a surprise war lasting 6 days and occupied remaining 22% of Palestine that had eluded it in 1948; the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It also occupied parts of Egypt (which has been returned) and Syria which is still under their occupation. Israel has inevitably created destabilizing effects in their pursuit to maintain an ethnically preferential Jewish State, particularly when majority land it is on was forcibly colonized that primarily belongs to Arab Muslims. This has destabilized the peace in the entire Middle East . The original state which was 80% Muslim & 15% Christians have become refugees and are not being allowed to return home in the current Jewish state Israel; which is in violation to UN guaranteed Refugee Rights to return to their Homeland.

Israel’s defiance to Bill Clinton brokered 1993 Oslo Peace accord of giving back West Bank & Gaza strip for the creation of Palestine state has made the Palestine Muslims to rebel in more violent manner. Israel by moving its citizens to take more land has put fuel to this violent uprising which the Arabs call “Intifada” (Arabic for shacking off) Intifada began in 2000 and continued to this day and turning more violent each day.

Israel ’s continued illegal confiscation of Palestine Land since 1967 in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is being resisted by the Palestine inhabitants with violence, terrorism and guerilla war tactics. Israeli government in retaliation feels it is ethical to Bomb Palestine civilians including children. This gave status of a Leader to terrorist like Yaser Arafat who can be named as inventor of human Bomb. Despite his numerous wives and more than 100 children he never made any of his own family members a human bomb. This type of terrorism, guerilla war and Islamic Jihad invented & practiced in Israel/Palestine has spread to the whole world and has destabilized the world peace.

Every where Organized Jewish Leadership wants the whole world to talk 24/7 about the holocaust in which 3.5-5 million Jews were killed by Hitler rather than their illegal colonization of Palestine Land. They want the whole world to feel guilty for this. This Leadership does not wish to address current failed socio, economics & political policies of Israel and illegal colonization of Palestine Land with 3.5 million Arab Muslim Slaves.

Where as it is an irony no one including the Indians themselves have ever talked about that 30-40 million Indians were starved to death from 1876-1943 during 25 major famines by the British colonizers of India . 1876-1879 famine 20 million Indians died of starvation. In the last famine in 1943 alone more than 4 million Indian Bengali victims including new born children perished alive under inhuman, atrocious and cruel British Rule. British Rulers inhuman attitude towards human disaster & sufferings of Indians became more visible in 1943 when in a response to an urgent request by the secretary of State for India, Leo Amery and Wavell to release food stocks for India, Prime Minister Winston Churchill responded with a telegram to Wavell asking, “If food was so scare, “why Gandhi hadn’t died yet.”

It was very unfortunate even the Democrat President Roosevelt of America refused to help the dying Indians by denying help with food stock. By doing so President Roosevelt not only showed least concern for the lives of Bengali Indians but he showed utter disrespect to the American philosophy, “ Liberty and Justice to all.”

The British Colonizers have yet to tender a formal apology or regret or any help to those families whose members died in various famines in India , neither the Indian government or Indian public has ever demanded for the same.

This Culture of Moral and Ethical Corruption by Jewish organized Leadership have penetrated America in a big way with their control of Wall Street, Main Stream Media, Real Estate, Hollywood and Politics. 2% Jewish Population of America has organized 11% representation in US Senate and 8% in Congress spanning over 17 states of America with assets in trillions of dollars. It looks like this Organized Leadership wants to repeat the history of colonization of Palestine by their ancestors in America . In majority Christian nation America which ever Town Jewish Leadership control; corruption & racism has become hallmark of their administration. Saying “Merry Christmas” is an insult for Leadership and shutting down Towns on Jewish religious days are the norms.

Just for an example under this Organized Leadership representing 4% Jewish population, New Jersey is probably the world’s most corrupt & racist state. This state in 8,000 sq miles has more than 1 Elected Politician & 50 Employees per Square Miles (over 9,000 Elected Scoundrels & 400,000 Employees with little or no work) for 8.5 Million residents under 588 Gangs (governments) in 566 Racially segregated Princely Estates (towns) with a budget of $74 billion and deficit of $140 billion including unfunded liabilities like state pension, healthcare and transport fund. New Jersey is legally corrupt & legally racially segregated under the Jewish/Israeli Rulers & their cronies. This state with highest Property Taxes $7,500.00 & highest cost $19,000.00 to educate a student in the nation also takes pride in its 250,000 students who can not comprehend in basic education. In Racism this state has set new record under Jewish Rulers. The Police Union under a Jew President called the entire Indian community, “cockroaches, animals, illiterates and illegal go home in the presence of print & TV Media in Aug 2006. It is an irony no Indian Leader in America or India or any part of the world; worth the name protested to these worst ever called Racial Slurs for a minority community in the history of America.

Beside few other nationalities; Jews are also allowed dual citizenship in America . In Israel more than 100,000 American Jews are living there. Israel has permitted them to serve in their Army and to vote in their elections. It is a debatable issue how one can trust such a privileged class with divided loyalties who is hostage to its own Leadership; in any country? Especially when this Organized Leadership is governing Israel promoting a Culture of Moral & Ethical Corruption with guns & bombs to glorify their illegal confiscation of Palestine Land . To hide all of this they want the entire world to live in the past and feel guilty for the massacre of Jews by Hitler.

Can the preachers of Peace, Liberty and Democracy pay attention to this 42 year old blood soaked ongoing territorial dispute between Israel & Palestine; which is threatening world Peace and Liberty of other humans around the world?

How can we forget that this conflict has given birth to Human Bombs and Islamic Jihad around the world? How can we forget it has legalized state sponsored terrorism by Israel for colonizing Palestine and it has given the status of Leaders to terrorist like Shimon Peres, Ehud Barak, Areil Sharon, Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu etc.?

God Bless United States of America and every human on earth.
Dave Makkar
May 2008

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