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9/11 Victims insulted by Gujarati Leaders, Edison Mayor, Councilman & SACO


9/11 Victims insulted by Gujarati Leaders, Edison Mayor, Councilman & SACO

Thursday 05th, September 2013
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Ankur Vaidya made verbal terrorist threats of physical harm to me on 9-11-12 outside the premises of TV Asia in the presence of Ramesh Patel, Srujal Parikh and few more people known to them. Right after that Atama Singh and Paul Suri came there and advised me not to talk to these rowdy elements and I should leave. I left right away.

On Sep. 13, 2012 Mr. Vaidya again made terrorist threats of physical harm in writing in an e-mail addressed to me and copied to various Gujrati Leaders & TV Asia. I am reproducing here part of that e-mail:

“This is the alcoholic muscleman, Hope this email finds you in the best of health. I would like to get the record straight, as for the alcohol, I had 2 glasses of wine after throwing you out of the event and on your way..”

“I for sure am not intimidated by you or your stupid emails and blogs, if you really have what it takes, and for once can take a break from hiding behind your computer screen, come out and say it in public using the word “gujju” and I assure you, if I am at that event you will end up on the road in the same manner you did with this last event.”

“Enough of your barking and our mad dog antics.. I will assure you a pleasant exit from each one of those events, i.e. if you are invited to those.” 

It is a shame on these so called Leaders who have received the copy of this e-mail that they have not condemned the unlawful and rowdy behavior of Mr. Ankur Vaidya. Ramesh Patel who was standing and himself shouting and encoraging Ankur Vaidya and others terrorizing a single person; have no moral and ethical right to preside over any public organization.

Mr. Vaidya is very immature and taking the law in his own hands without realizing it these kind of written terrorist threats can land him in Jail. No legal action against him so far on my part, he thinks as I am afraid of him or these so called self proclaimed “Gujju Leaders”. If I am not taking legal action there is a reason that I don’t want more bad name for the community. All these Leaders who are encouraging Ankur Vaidya must understand I have 2 years to file charges implicating Ramesh Patel, Srujal Parikh and others who were threatening me besides Ankur Vaidya.


The South Asian Community Outreach (SACO) had organized a 9/11 anniversary at TV Asia studio on September 11, which was attended by members of the SACO, FIA, IBA, OTIBA, Mayor, Councilman, Fire & Police Department of Edison, TV Asia Chairman H R Shah and the members of the community.

SACO is an organization, which is supposed to represent the South Asian Countries; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Maldives and Bhutan but  has 98% Indian members, Founder Sam Khan lone member from Pakistan and 1 Korean who never attend any event. In this 98% Indian Membership 97% are from Gujarat. 

SACO is wholly owned subsidiary of Gujju Leaders famous for their Donkey Parades to insult India in New York and New Jersey. In these Parades they parade themselves knowingly too well that they can not be paraded any where for any cause in the world including the famous Pushkar Mela in Rajasthan India. Now they are using SACO for photo sessions and the day is not too far when they will be extracting money in the name of SACO from the community. None of them can speak 2 lines in any language in a public event that can make any sense. 

On 9-11-12 at TV Asia Studio after initial speeches of Edison Mayor, TV Asia owner H R Shah, Sam Khan etc.; US National Anthem was played from a recording with thunderous applause and clapping probably from a football game rather than in a sober tone as a respect to the victims of 9/11 victims. It is very strange SACO claims there are more than 28% South Asians in Middlesex County and more than 35% in the township of Edison itself; they could not find a single person who could have recited the US National Anthem. 

The handlers of SACO the Gujju leaders have a history of giving a damn to US National Anthem. In their Donkey Parade Banquette’s some time they forget to do the US National Anthem as well as Indian Anthem, some time they can play the Indian National First or they can play the US National Anthem without any warning while people are still sitting. In 2011 they put a daughter of one of their own to sing US National Anthem while reading from her Blackberry with full of mispronunciations in Royal Albert Palace. According to Gujju Leader Jayesh Mehta of Ohm Events she was practicing it for over 2 hours!

It is the fault of the Edison Mayor Antonia Ricigliano and Councilman William Stephens also both kept on sitting the entire time when one after another Gujju Leader were giving non-sense speeches with no relevance to the 9/11 tragedy insulting almost  3000 victims. These Gujju Leaders also blasted Pakistan and narrated garbage stories related to their past activities. According to Gujju Leaders 9/11 was a "Memorable Day".

They brought a Hindu Priest to do a Prayer in Sanskrit. Rather then that all the time the Priest was speaking irrelevant things  in Gujarati and spoke only 2 verses in Sanskrit  by practically mispronouncing every word of it. These Gujju Leaders think this Priest does not have to give English Translation for the invited guest and elected officials because according to them India is Gujarat and Gujarat is India.

These Gujju Leaders should take some training from TV Asia owner H R Shah from their own community; how to speak, what to speak and how much to speak in a particular event. I have no idea a polished person like H R Shah how he can tolerate Buffoons like Kapil Shah, Pradip Kothari and especially Ramesh Patel etc. behaving like goons with no class. It is very strange  Ramesh Patel is controlling FIA with his goons for last 35 years and can not spell “art, culture and traditions.”  In one of his parade he paraded girls wearing Indian Tri color 2 pc Bikinis. He has been misusing FIA for material benefit to himself from influence peddling and throwing favors and contracts to swindlers. Minus FIA Ramesh Patel no one would like to spend time with him because he has no manners, no etiquette's, no honesty, no class and his IQ is limited to how to materially benefit from FIA and squander public funds.

Final nail in the coffin was put by Founder of SACO Sam Khan by inviting an Imam who has no idea that 9/11 was a tragedy for Americans it was not the Greatest Day as the Imam said. One thing about Imam I must say he recited the Muslim prayer with respect and passion not like that idiot posing as Hindu Priest. After all the garbage speeches by Gujju Leaders insulting 9/11 victims and 4-5 more insensitive speakers including an ex-army Colonel; Sam Khan called all the Buffoons for a photo session with  Edison Mayor and Councilman Bill Stephens. Like idiots with no respect for the 9/11 victims both of them obliged the wish of Photo Hungry Desi Leaders as it was a night out Party to have fun.  

The only saving grace of the entire event was an inter faith prayer by South Plainfield Councilman, speech by H R Shah and Edison Mayor Ricigliano. But by committing a grave mistake of presiding over abusive insult to 9/11 victims she has lost her credibility.

After the event this writer confronted Ramesh Patel and his gang of goons for insulting the 9/11 victims with their garbage speeches and a lousy prayer by a Hindu Priest. The answer was he is not a priest; immediately that was the best substitute we could find and Ramesh Patel shouted at the top of his lungs who cares for what you think. Then he was joined by his alcoholic muscleman Ankur Vaidya and others goons shouting like animals. One of them Srujal Parikh said “we are Indians First than we are Americans”, Ramesh Patel and others have made no mistake by talking about themselves and India in their speeches. Surprisingly it looks like they defended the second worst speaker Pradip Peter Kothari also. This is the same Kothari for whom Ramesh Patel once told me in Indian Consulate that no one in Gujarati community likes him; he is a big thief and a cockroach that finds his way in every community organization even from a minor crack. But Pradip Kothari can not enter FIA because I have not left any crack open for a cockroach to enter!

I have a simple question to these so called “Indian First”what action they took when Edison Police called, “Indians are cockroaches, animals, illiterates and illegal go home?”What action they took when Joel Stein made fun of EdisonIndians and Hindu Deities?

Can the organizers of Donkey Parade put themselves, their family members and friends in 2 Pc Indian Tricolor Bikinis or high rise tricolor shorts in the so called India Day Parade inNew York and New Jersey in 2013? 

The organizers of the event; SACO, Gujju Leaders, Edison Mayor and Councilman must apologies to the nation for the blunder of insulting the victims of 9/11 tragedy. The EdisonMayor and Councilman could have prevented this insult or at least walked away from the event rather than waiting for a photo opportunity with Buffoons making fun of 9/11 tragedy.

Dave Makkar


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