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Open Letter to Upendra Chivukula: why Indo-American community support you


Open Letter to Chivukula Congressional candidate; why Indo-American community support you

Thursday 05th, September 2013
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Dear Mr. Chivukula please explain why Indian American Community should support you?

Dear Mr. Chivukula it is very difficult for an economically and politically educated person to differentiate you from the Run of the Mill Carrier Politicians of New Jersey that have no ethics, morality and honesty. Your types are clinging to elected offices for decades working for their Self-Promotion and working very hard to slaughter the middle class of New Jersey by increasing the cost of Governance every year with monster size governments at all levels. Since you joined the Assembly in 2002; the property Taxes have gone up by over 150%, utilities have gone up by over 120%, all kinds of insurances have gone up by 150-200% with the exception of Medical Insurance that has gone up by whopping 450%.  Like other politicians initially you also chose to keep 2 elected offices Franklin Township Councilman as well as Post of Assemblyman of NJ for years. By looking at your educational and professional qualification I don’t think you can deny the fact that it is banned in 38 states of America and in Indiana holding 2 offices is a Class D felony, on par with drug possession & punishable by up to 3 yrs in prison.

You are also aware that New Jersey is the only state in the entire world where in 8,000 sq miles for 8.5 mil people there are 587 local governments besides 1 state government with over 9,000 Elected Officials and over 500,000 Employees in 566 racially segregated towns with uneven population and area. 412 Towns are in less than 2 sq miles with less than 10,000 residents. Then there are 29 towns with less than 1,000 residents. This state has a budget of $78B & $175B deficit. ($40B for State & $38B for 587 local governments). Sir you are a highly qualified individual in active politics with elected office since 1997 and have been associated with various government committees and commissions; why you have not spoken on the issue of Structural Changes in the governing system of New Jersey to cut down the number of local governments to reduce the number of Elected officials and employees?

Coming to your legislative skills there also you lack honesty, dedication and compassion for minorities as well as children. In 2011 along with your other colleagues you signed a anti-minority and anti-children; Anti-Bullying Law “One Size Fits for All” for 8 year old to 28 years old. You claim that you are a highly educated professional with almost 2 decades of experience in public office; how could you forget what US Supreme Court has to say about children?  That children cannot be viewed simply as miniature adults" because a child's age is more than a chronological fact." Rather, it is a fact that "generates commonsense conclusions about behavior and perception.' "Children generally are less mature and responsible than adults." "They often lack the experience, perspective and judgment to recognize and avoid choices that could be detrimental to them." When a parent and their attorney brought to your notice the serious flaws in this Law where a child can be interrogated in the absence of parent or guardian and has no right to cross examine the accuser, witnesses and investigators; you have failed to respond to their numerous written request since Dec.15, 2011.  That makes you a very dangerous person to be sent to US Congress who does not read a Bill to be made into a Law and don’t care for children and minorities.

Now coming to Indian Community’s major financial support that you have been taking for granted since 1997; the community has to do hard thinking whether they should continue to do so for individuals like you that have never helped the victims of racial discrimination, police brutality and even murders from the community.  You have a simple explanation when a victim approaches you in time of help and support; “Pal I do not represent your constituency.” Have you ever refused to accept financial contributions from people of Indian origin not living in your constituency by telling them, “Pal I do not represent your constituency don’t give me any money give your money to the politicians of your constituency”.

How can you justify your negative role in the following incidents involving victims of Indian origin and your failure not to take a stand in incidents affecting the community?

  1. An Indo-American woman and her 4 year old son who just had open heart surgery sitting in a stationery car were hit by their speeding neighbor; police under racial bias made a report that she has hit her neighbor.
  2. Middlesex County Prosecutor Kaplan refused to take action against Pat. Dotro for brutally beating 2 Indian businessmen under racial bias in front of Office Bearers of IBA. (Indian Business Association) for putting Indian Flags on the eve of India Day Parade in Edison .
  3. Prosecutor Kaplan refused to accept the testimony of 40 witnesses of Indian origin by saying they are not credible because every one is saying the same thing. These witnesses witnessed the brutal beating under racial bias of an Indian liquor store clerk by Pat. Dotro.
  4. Under Kaplan Edison Police Union used worst ever called racial slurs in over 200 years history of America against the entire Indian community.
  5. Prosecutor Kaplan, ICE & State of NJ violated every state & Federal Law as well as human rights of an Indian to deport him at a cost of more than $250,000.00 just to save a white Pat. Dotro because the Indian has accused him of Police Brutality under Racial Bias.
  6. A women Hindu Scientist was murdered in a high security water treatment plant where a bird can not enter without a Security Clearance Tag. Apparently the motive was hate crime but no outcry by main stream media, ruling elites and moral police of New Jersey. It is more than 4 years her murderer is lose on the streets may be still working in the same facility.  
  7. In a fatal car accident 3 Indians; 1 was saved by Patrolman Kenny but 2 died. Under racial apathy Sgt. Alex Glinsky told his Patrolman Joseph Kenny “These are dirty F***** Indians in the car and I am not going in there (to save them) when Kenny asked him for help to move them. Kenny reported it to his superiors rather than suspending Glinsky they suspended Kenny for insubordination but later he was reinstated. Here also County Prosecutor Kaplan kept quiet.
  8. When a Indian Scientist was brutally murdered under racial bias by 5 teenagers bare handedly out side his own home in front of wife and 2 juvenile sons; you Mr. Chivukula rather than demanding State Investigation made a statement giving Civic Lectures to the Community blaming the community that they show off their wealth and success in this tough economic times that why this incident has happened.
  9. Sir you being the only elected Hindu/Indian in NJ Assembly does not have to stand for the dignity and equal rights of the Hindus if a Joe Klien in print media makes fun and disrespect Hindu Deities and Indians majority Hindus and Sikhs living in Edison.
  10. Two Sikhs were brutally murdered in Irvington and their bodies were found tied together head to toes not face to face apparently under racial bias. One person has his throat slit from one ear to other ear and other was shot in the head. There were 30 stab wounds apparently again under Racial Bias. There was no news from mainstream media or New Jersey rulers as well as moral police.
  11. In the matter of 18 yr old Indian student web cam spy case you never bothered to confront the media for writing lies for more than 11/2 years about the case and the student, accusing Indians of homophobia as well as those demanding he should be prosecuted for manslaughter under hate crimes.
  12. Sir you don’t have to ask for equal justice for a 19 yrs old Indian/Hindu being prosecuted as Domestic Terrorist for a crime that he has not committed by Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan that has a long track record of bias against Indians. 
Dear Mr. Chivukula the list goes on and on to prove that your vocal cords only works when you wants money from the Indian community but losses your voice if you have to ask for justice for individuals from the community even if they are 4 yrs old. Tell me Sir why under the circumstances described as above any one from the community in sane mind should support you especially when you don’t care for their children even?
Dave Makkar

The Indian Panorama News New York USA

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