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Modi Traumatized for drawing Hindu Swastika in America

Modi Traumatized for drawing Hindu Swastika by Teachers in America
Thursday 05th, September 2013
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Swastika Drawn by 8 yrs old & Hindu Bridegroom & Bride with Swastika  WATCH THE PRO SWASTIKA VIDEO

Letter of Support by International Raelian Movement (

70,000 strong Members (

Hindu Swastika: Sacred Faith & Auspiciousness 

Nazi Logo is Hate Symbol


Dear Dr. Brennon (Superintendent of School):

We are shocked to see one sided/misrepresentation rather complete lies attributed to you in various news papers in reference to Dec.4TH, 2012 Swastika drawing by an 8 yrs old along with Christmas Tree as part of Holiday drawing assignment. You are blatantly claiming that teacher aid has apologized to the student that is a complete lie. The teacher aid verbally did apologized to the mother only but not in writing that is required by looking at the gravity of the situation and the offense she has committed of traumatizing an 8 yrs old for her own ignorance. She has hurt the religious feelings of not only the 8 yrs old but the entire Hindu community of America. 

Dr. Bernnan you should be ashamed of yourself for defending the Counseling of the 8yrs old for drawing Hindu Swastika. In fact you are defending all the three educators; the teacher aid, counselor as well as the principle. We fully support Raelian Guide Thomas Kaenzig that “it’s not the child who needs counseling but the teacher aide who complained about the child’s drawing, the counselor and the principle who approved counseling.” All three must be counseled on Hinduism as well as on Swastika.

It is very strange how come these Educators catering to the multi-religious society; Principle, Counselor and Teacher Aid are so ignorant about Hindu symbols? The fact is the township they are catering to has more than 8% Hindu population. It was their basic responsibility as educators to know that the Swastika symbol 3RD Grader drew, originated in 2000BC and is not the symbol Swastika the rotated distortion of Hindu Swastika, must be called "NAZI LOGO" the Nazis has used. The one used by Nazi’s is markedly different and the differences are clearly visible to human eyes.

Hindu Swastika is always drawn with red vermillion and can be drawn on any surface including human body, on the head after complete head shave off of a child as per Hindu rituals. It is a symbol of faith and auspiciousness and used for all religious ceremonies including Hindu weddings.

On the other hand Nazi Logo is drawn with black in a white circle within a red square and it is a symbol of hate.

These Educators before traumatizing the 8 yrs old should have spoken to a Hindu Priest or the parent of the child concerning the matter for which they themselves are completely ignorant. These educators have hurt the religious feelings of the child and also the Religious Feelings of the entire Hindu community living in New Jersey and other parts of America.

On top of that these ignorant Educators lost an opportunity to present the child’s drawing as a show case on “Unity in Diversity”. The child has drawn Hindu Swastika & Christmas Tree that represent Christianity, together on one sheet. Educators could have shared this with the child’s classmates rather with every student of the school by explaining them the meaning of both symbols.

Since Middlesex County is home to a large Hindu population; on behalf of the community we demand that all Educators in Middlesex County Schools must be educated about Hindu Religious Symbols keeping in mind that Hinduism is practiced by almost 1 Billion people around the world.

Respectfully submitted
On behalf of Hindu Community of New Jersey by Devendra Makkar
CC: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Attorney General Jeffery S. Chiesa ;
NJ Commissioner Education Christopher Cerf
Middlesex County Superintendent Stewart, Samuel
Board President Eugene Donofrio<>
ACLU-NJ Legal Intake;Thomas Kaenzig <>

8 yrs old Traumatized for drawing Hindu Swastika by Teachers in America
A bizarre incident took place at an Elementary School in Middlesex County of New Jersey (USA) on Dec. 4, 2012 . As part of 3RD Grade School work children were asked to draw a symbol of a holiday they celebrate. Innocently an 8 yrs old drew a Hindu Swastika along with a Christmas Tree. When the class teacher saw the drawing she knew it what significance it has for Hindus. But an ignorant Teacher Aid took strong offense to it. According to the people familiar with the incident; despite few other staff members telling the Teacher Aid that it is not Nazi Swastika she was not prepared to listen to any one. She kept on saying she has been offended and her religious feelings have been hurt. It is hate towards her and her community.

The Teacher Aid insisted that the 8 yrs old must get counseling right away and she was backed by the Principle. Without the knowledge and permission of the parents the child was counseled by the Counselor under racial bias. The poor parent in the evening could not figure out why their 8 yrs old was looking visibly frightened and traumatized. On being questioned the child stated crying and throwing up. In bits and pieces they were able to get some story from the child. Further, the child, in a traumatized voice asked them what the child had done wrong. The parents were also lost why their 8 yrs old has been traumatized and harassed physically, emotionally and mentally in the name of Counseling for no reason that too without their knowledge and permission?

Next day the couple met the Principle who told them that their child was doing a school project where a "staff member" got very upset for what was drawn on paper. The child got upset and was counseled but it was not on the directive of that “staff member.” The child must understand that “when you are out with other people they may see things differently”. What the child has drawn “Every where else it is used as a hate symbol”. The parents tried to explain that it is a universal fact Swastika is just as sacred for Hindus as a cross for Christians or a Star of David for Jews. Then the Principle stated that if any child had drawn other religious symbols such as the Star of David or Cross of Jesus, then they would have been counseled the same way! Parent protested still they should have been asked for permission first. Principle said that they are fully entitled to counsel any student for any reason without the permission of their parent.

The parent told the Principle that only person that needed counseling is the staff member who they know was upset for no apparent reason because of ignorance and not prepared to understand the importance of Swastik for Hindus. On Dec. 9th parent filed a Complaint with the School Board and County School Superintendent against the Principle, Counselor and the Teacher Aid; demanding proper investigation into the conduct of all 3 and Teacher Aid must give written apology and must seek counseling from a Hindu Priest or a Scholar. In case she refuses to give written apology she must be dismissed.

Dec. 28, 2012 Dear Mr. Stewart, (Middlesex County Superintendent)
I'm writing you on behalf of the 70,000 members of the International Raelian Movement ( regarding an incident that took place earlier this month at one of your schools where an 8 year old student was forced to undergo counseling for drawing a swastika for a school project.

The swastika is part of the official Raelian symbol that was given to us by our dear creators the Elohim and represents infinity in time. There cannot be a more "sacred" symbol for us Raelians and this is also the case for the billions of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and members of other religions on this planet. To reprimand a Hindu child for drawing a swastika is highly offensive to all of us and totally unacceptable. It is not the 8 year old who needs counseling but the teacher aid who complained about the symbol, the counselor as well as the principal who approved the counseling. They need to be informed about the beautiful origin of this symbol that can be found throughout the world, on every continent, since the beginnings of humanity and where it has been a  symbol of peace, harmony and good luck for thousands of years. We have actually put together a very informative website on the swastika symbol and I really hope that you will pass on this link to your staff:

As you can see on our website the swastika is widely used even throughout Israel:

Synagogues in various countries are decorated with swastikas like this Jewish synagogue in Verona (Italy):

By associating the swastika with the Nazis, we only give credit to the monstrosities of this horrible regime. Symbols have been abused throughout history and hence the importance of explaining people their true origin. Imagine the outcry amongst Christians worldwide if an African American teacher aid would take offense in a Christian child's drawing of a cross for a Christmas school project because the teacher aid's ancestors were killed by the Ku Klux Klan.

And I highly doubt that any of your principals would approve racial bias counseling for a Jewish child drawing a star of David for a school Christmas project that would have offended a teacher aid from Palestine whose family was slaughtered by the Israeli army. If such counseling would be approved, all staff involved would probably be dismissed within a few days and you would have to resign too.  Such a double standard is unacceptable and we expect at the very least a sincere apology to all  those for who the swastika is a highly sacred symbol.
The South Asian Insider News New York USA
The Indian Panorama News New York USA

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