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Obama Heading For a Second Term Despite Failures


Obama Heading For a Second Term Despite Failures (The Indian Panorama News)

Thursday 05th, September 2013
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Obama Heading For a Second Term Despite Failures 
The Majority of Indians living in America think that religion, cast, and color; factors playing a dominant role in India elections-are irrelevant in American elections. But if one takes a close look at Presidential Elections in America, one can tell that all of these factors do matter here too. Since Clinton ’s time, Hispanic votes have remained a key factor for a Republican to win the White House.

Romney, since he started Campaigning, has alienated Hispanic voters by repeatedly declaring that “He is not in favor of Amnesty to illegal immigrants,” knowing that the majority is Hispanics. He is ignoring the facts that Bush owes both of his terms to the Hispanics for his promise of granting some kind of status to the illegal immigrants. The fact that Bush’s own party did not let him do so, is beside the point. It looks like Romney is not practical at all for ignoring 13 million illegal immigrants as per official records, though the real number could well be in the vicinity of 20 million. Romney should know that all of them cannot be deported. They are human beings and we as Americans have to come up with some kind of amnesty scheme to honor humanity.  

If one looks at the simple mathematics, there are 16.5% Hispanics, 13.5% African Americans, and 6% Asian votes. In the last election Obama got 75% of the Hispanic, 96% of the African American, and 95% of the Asian votes. Obama has done nothing wrong to this vote Bank other than annoying some African-Americans by granting Marriage Equality to gay and lesbian couples. At the same time Obama has brought a scheme under which some of the illegal immigrants under the age of 30 can get an Employment Authorization Card and will not be deported for 2yrs. The Hispanic votes will not drop, instead, may go up slightly to keep the sum game for Obama to still lead by 30% over Romney's 6% in this vote Bank.  
Obama’s Victory points to Immigration Reforms: Congress’ leading Hispanic lawmaker, Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez, predicts that if President Barack Obama is re-elected, a weakened Republican Party will strike a deal with him on immigration reform next year. The Illinois Democrat says he has received no promises from the Obama administration on immigration reform, but he tells The Hill he is “absolutely positive” that Obama will make immigration reform a priority during his second term. 

Now, let’s talk about 64% White votes that Obama is sure to get 35-40% of it because of his support for gay marriage and some liberal issues as well as support for illegal immigrants. Obama is also getting support for his foreign policy. This policy is of not starting new wars, rather gradually pulling American soldiers out from the countries that Republican President Bush put them in under a fa├žade of War against Islamic Terrorism. The only thing Obama has to talk about with the voters is about his glaring failures on economic front. His opponent Romney is exploiting this to the maximum. 
Romney’s main slogan, after calling for more military spending, means more wars and trashing illegal immigrants is “Economic recovery via 20% tax cut for rich to create jobs”. Even this has become a center of a big controversy for him. The Tax Policy Center has issued a report on August 1st, 2012 saying that Romney’s numbers don’t add up and his stated tax-reform goals can't all be achieved simultaneously. The report cited five Romney objectives:cutting income-tax rates by 20 percent, being "revenue neutral" for the government, repealing the estate tax, repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, and preserving and enhancing incentives for saving and investment. 

The Tax Policy Center calculated that even with all tax breaks they assume to be available under Romney's criteria were wiped out for high-income earners; it wouldn't be enough to keep Romney's plan revenue neutral. Middle or lower income household would need to kick an extra $86 billion a year to meet the target. 
In effect, the report raised the prospect of higher taxes on the middle class. In stark language, it said achieving Romney's goals is "not possible" without shifting a higher share of the tax burden onto middle- or lower-income households. Even a recent study by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service found that over the past 65 years, tax cuts for rich have been linked to economic inequality but not economic growth. This is putting fears in the minds of the Middle class and telling them not to vote for Romney. They would rather give Obama the second term despite his failures on economic recovery and jobs.
It is a universal fact that Israel /The Jewish lobby has a big influence on America; financially, politically, judicially, militarily, and culturally. Both Obama and Romney are financed by this lobby. A majority of Americans think Obama will not put America under the Bus for this lobby, but Romney can certainly put America under the Bus and can push America into more wars to serve the interest of Israeli and Defense lobby. The proof is Romney taking money from Sheldon Adelson that keeps Israel above America . Moreover,Romney made a public statement that he will out sourceAmerica ’s Middle East Policy to Israel. 

A majority of Americans are disgusted and disturbed with Sheldon Adelson’s machinations with a view to creating world history as a single person by pumping in hundreds of millions from his $28 billion empire to defeat Obama for his personal reasons. 
1. He does not like Obama’s 2 state formula for Palestine & Israel. 
2. He does not like Obama’s proposal to tax foreign income of US companies because Adelson makes 90% of his money from foreign countries. 
3. He does not like the Obama administration investigating him for money laundering and violation of Foreign Trade Practices. 
Sheldon Adelson’s money bomb to defeat Obama will be another factor in Obama’s favor to get him re-elected for a second term as US President. 

Looking at all the above factors it looks like there is no alternative to Obama. Americans, and the rest of the world, must prepare for Obama’s second term despite his glaring failures on economic recovery and jobs in America. Potential voters are prepared to ignore Obama’s failures on economic front in the face of an economic forecast by eminent economists. Macroeconomic Advisors in April predicted a gain of 12.3 million jobs followed by Moody’s Analytics prediction in August that 12 million jobs will be created by 2016, no matter who is president. It looks like slow moving recovery is also in favor of Obama if Moody’s and Macroeconomic Adisors are right; that will put Obama in the leaugue of only 2 Presidents Reagan and Clinton who created more than 12 mil jobs in 4 years. 

Obama is likely to stay put in the White House for another 4 years unless a miracle happens that Romney gets 80-85% of the White votes!
Dave Makkar 

The Indian Panorama News New York USA & various web based News Papers in USA & India.


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